The Story Behind Listening For God’s Voice

listening-to-your-voice-book-listening-for-gods-voiceRuth Pearson is the founder of Listening to Your Voice, a personal, career and educational development consultancy. Ruth began her career working in education, eventually taking a senior leadership position within a school. More recently she has become qualified as a Motivational Maps practitioner for both adults and children. Ruth uses a mixture of her personal and professional experiences and her training as the basis of her motivational lectures and seminars.

Ruth has overcome many challenges in her own life and this forms the basis of some of her seminars and lectures. One of the challenges that Ruth has had to overcome is chronic illness which left her unable to walk. Her first book, Listening for God’s Voice, tells the story of how she overcame this challenge.

Ruth was attending a retreat hosted by Gladys Famoriyo Ministries. The previous evening Ruth had been discharged from hospital following her second admission that year following a lupus flare-up.

Ruth takes up the story:

“Despite the pain that I was in I wanted to attend because I had made a promise to Gladys, my writing coach, that I would share three of my devotions with the ladies attending the retreat, as gifts. That night the first one shared was entitled ‘Listening to Your Voice‘ which was about having better communication and relationships with people that we meet. The next day we had two other presentations one entitled ‘Forgiveness as Healing’ and ‘Will the Real Me Stand Up’ after which I shared my second devotion, ‘Be a Good Witness.’

The spirit of the Lord came upon me literally on the evening of the 24th May 2014. We were having a powerful praise and worship session and we could feel God’s presence filling the room. It was awesome to feel Him so near. The women were singing the song’ ‘There’s no one, There’s no one like Jesus’ and as they sang Joyce came to take my hand to lead me into the middle of the circle. She had to hold my hand tightly as I was unable to walk unaided. She positioned me into a position of praise and then preceded to touch my head and then my hips. I became very emotional and knelt down on the floor.

There, I cried and released years of emotional pain. Further prayers were said and now Father God speaks with Sharon Platt-McDonald to tell her that she must command me to rise up and walk. She tapped me on the shoulder and I opened my eyes and was assisted to my feet.

Imagine our delight as we realised that a miracle had just taken place, before the very eyes of the people who were in the room. I was greeted, “You who are highly favoured! The Lord is with you.”

The following day I shared my final devotional ‘Refreshed and Restored’. As I shared, questions were asked as to when I had written these devotions as they were about events that took place with me personally that weekend.

It was then that I realised that Father God had spoken with me as I was home recovering. I was encouraged that I must continue listening to Him as He was communicating with me in a special way. He wanted me to know that I was chosen by Him and I was special. In the months that followed, I continued writing and decided that I wanted to publish my first book.

This devotional came about as I was trying to find answers whilst I recovered from one of the worst flare-ups of my lupus. Yet, when I looked around myself, I discovered that there were many people who were going through one difficulty or another. I had stopped listening to God. However, I found that as I reconnected to Him, and personally paused to listen to Him, He gave me the strength to face another day.

I now needed a publisher. As I discussed with my son, an email arrived in my inbox from Harper Collins Christian Publishing, saying “Hello. You have reached an inbox that is not monitored. Can we help you?” (Dated 30 July 2014). This again was an answer to prayer and showed me that Father God was listening to my request. I replied and was put in touch with WestBow Press who became my publishers. My new book is entitled, ‘Listening for God’s Voice: 40 Days of Developing Intimacy with God’.”

You can find out more about the story behind Listening for Gods Voice on Ruth’s book blog. Ruth is now writing her second book which combines her personal experiences with the motivational training and consultancy she is now doing. This book is due to be published in 2016.

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