Public Speaking

Motivational speaking can give you the skills and mental focus that you need to overcome your fears, doubts and worries. Ruth Pearson is a professional motivational speaker that has spent years honing her skills in effectively and passionately speaking to public audiences. Ruth aims to inspire and motivate everyone that she works with and always offers practical solutions for the challenges that you face in both your professional and personal lives. Sometimes it may be hard to act positively when you find yourself in a negative situation and it is only natural that anyone in these situations would lose confidence in themselves and their abilities, Ruth aims to combat that with her motivational speaking – reaching out to her audience on both a professional and personal level to help them to overcome their challenges.

Ruth’s business, Listening to Your Voice, takes a keen focus on public speaking and caters to both individual and group needs. Ruth has developed an innovative 5 step program to overcoming personal challenges, which she implements in many of her personal speaking appearances.

Start – review and decide where you want to be and set about achieving it
Team – surround yourself with a supportive team
Emotions – how do you feel about what you’re going through?
Positivity – do something positive towards your goal
Success – what would success look like for you?

Ruth’s public speaking appearances are always very well received, with the audience loving her personal but professional approach to motivational speaking! Ruth has appeared at many types of motivational speaking events and seminars, providing a wide range of support to both individuals and businesses. Recently, Ruth has provided a series of free seminars at Ilford Central Library, delivering talks on her 5 steps to Overcoming Personal Challenges.