Professional Coaching

As well as being a professional public speaker, Ruth is also an expert at coaching. Ruth recently received certification from the Coaching Standards Authority. Completing a CSA Master Coach Certified Training Course from Coaching Standards Authority means that Ruth has now advanced to the next level of professional coaching, utilising what she has already learnt throughout her career and honing her skills to help people overcome challenges in their professional and personal lives.

Ruth founded her business, Listening to Your Voice, as a personal and business development consultancy. The company allows her to offer a number of coaching options for individuals and businesses who feel that they need guidance. Professional coaching can help you to overcome challenges and difficulties in your personal and professional lives and help you to develop personally so that you achieve your goals.

Ruth offers both Personal Development and Leadership Development courses through Listening to Your Voice that utilises her professional coaching techniques to help her clients through a number of challenges.

Personal Development Course – Ruth’s Personal Development courses help people to recognise and reach their full potential both at work and at home. These courses will allow you to develop and create targets for a successful life plan. Personal Development courses cater to team leaders and team members on an individual basis; they will encourage them to understand their existing role at work as well as helping them to create targets for future personal and team improvement.

Leadership Development Course – Ruth utilises her professional coaching skills and adapts them to individual organisations needs. Ruth’s leadership development courses will benefit individual participants as well as the wider organisation. These courses will help you to expand the skills that will help you to develop into an impressive leader who can inspire and achieve company targets. Working with variety of people from many different organisations, Ruth’s professional coaching skills allow her to focus on identifying professional goals and making personal improvements for all of her clients.