Identity: Follow Your Dreams

I have been reflecting on my life experiences in preparation for the launch of my new book, ‘Say Yes To New Opportunities’. This has been very hard for me, as I have had to revisit the day that I had my emotional meltdown at work, as an experienced senior leader. For so long, I have pushed the memories of what happened that day, deep within. I always talked about what happened, as facts but did not connect with the details, emotionally. This has now changed, due to the day my publishers asked for more details with a series of questions they wanted me to answer.

As I had my session with my therapist, we explored how I was really feeling. One word came to the surface – Identity. I also realised why I wanted to forget the pain of the day. I realised that it is easier to deal with physical pain than emotional pain.

What do you think?

When you go through physical pain and illnesses you get support from others. You do not get told, “Get over it, or words to that effect.”

When you have hidden disabilities and illnesses where do you go for help? For many, there is no place to go. There is no one to really talk to and let them know how you really feel. So, what do you do? You bury your emotions, put a smile on your face and tell everyone, including yourself, that you are fine.

No wonder, depression kicks in!

What is even worst, for most of the time you are coping with depression and you do not even know this is what is wrong with you. You know you do not feel right, but you cannot put a name to it.

Does anything that I have written, resonate with you? If the answer is yes, read on.

In the midst of my pain, I started to listen to personal development videos. The more I listened the more I connected to the speakers and realised that I was focussing on the wrong things. I needed to focus on me. I needed to learn to start to follow my dreams again. 

This may seem a selfish thing to do, but let me explain. If you do not look after yourself, then how can you look after others?

Identity (002)

One powerful exercise I was encouraged to do was to write sentences about who I am.  I took 30 minutes of me time. As I wrote, I started to cry as inner healing came. In the end, I wrote 40, I am sentences. I am not going to share all, just a few but instead of using the word I, I am going to use the word you.

  1. You are special and need to celebrate your uniqueness.
  2. You are loved, not just by your family and friends but by many people whom you have met, directly or indirectly, this last year after you made the decision to take back control of your life and have a better work-life balance.
  3. You are 100% committed to anything you get involved in. You show up 10/10 and help others to become the best version of themselves.
  4. You are fearfully and wonderfully made and it is a miracle that you are alive.
  5. You are unique, with specific gifts and talents and experiences that you can use to impact the lives of others in a powerful way, because you can fully empathise with their pain and challenges.
  6. You are a good role model to the young people in your life.
  7. You are bigger, better, bolder and brighter than you ever thought possible. The more you learn the more you expand your circle of influence. There is no limit to the you that you can become. The only limit is what you put on yourself.


How are you feeling after making these affirmations about yourself?

No matter what you do for a living, you know how hard it can be to overcome personal and professional problems. Why not get the help you need from someone who has been there?

I have developed a new course called, ‘Celebrate Your Uniqueness’ to help you on this journey back to wholeness. A course where you can discover your true identity and write your own I am … list.

Would you like to Celebrate Your Uniqueness and FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS?

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