Hackney Central Library Seminar – Five Steps to Overcoming Challenges


Ruth has just confirmed that she will be running a series of free seminars at the Hackney Central Library!

Everyone has tough and challenging experiences in their life and Ruth has designed the ‘Five Steps to Overcoming Challenges’ seminars to help you to focus on how to move forward and constantly improve – even when times are tough! Ruth speaks from personal experience, having been left unable to walk due to Lupus in 2014. She draws on her own experiences to support others through both personal and professional challenges.

Ruth focuses on five key steps throughout her seminars, the five STEPS are:

Start – review and decide where you want to be and set about achieving it
Team – surround yourself with a supportive team
Emotions – how do you feel about what you’re going through?
Positivity – do something positive towards your goal
Success – what would success look like for you?


Sessions will be as follows:

Introductory Sessions – Wednesday 13th and 20th  January

Personal Development Sessions – Wednesday 10th and 24th Feb

– Wednesday 9th and 23rd March


The Hackney Central Library is located at:

1 Reading Lane



E8 1GQ


If you would like to work on overcoming your challenges, either personal or professional, we hope to see you at the Hackney Central Library in the New Year!


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