Celebrate Your Uniqueness!

Another year will soon be ended. Another week has passed. Another day.

As you reflect on the last month what differences have taken place in your life – personally and professionally? Are you the same person you were at the start of the month or have you grown in one area or another? Have you had a difficult month, and are you hoping the month ahead will change your circumstances?

These last couple of months, have been one of the most challenging times, emotionally, that I can remember. They have been a time where I have had to look within to see how my past circumstances are affecting me, now in the present. They have been a time of tears. Tears of sadness but also tears of joys. As I have sought professional help, barriers which have been in place in my life, for decades, have finally been broken down. It has been a time of great change.

I have noticed that as I have changed positively, it has also had a positive impact in the lives of others, – both personally and professionally. Relationships which have been broken for a long time, have been mended, almost miraculously.

What has been the reason for my changes? I have learnt to appreciate myself. I have started to see myself the way God sees me, and not the way society sees me. I now see myself as special. I now know that I have been created just the way I needed to be, to make me, me. As I have processed what these words truly mean, they have changed me.

In the business world, they ask, “What is your unique selling point?” “What sets you apart from your competitors?” Let’s make it personal. “What are your unique qualities?” “What sets you apart from everybody else?”

The answer is simple, yet profound. Your life experiences and the way you have coped with them.  Let me illustrate. Two people could have had the same event, like being made redundant from a job they liked, with a short notice period. One could take the news positively. They now have the opportunity to pursue a new career; whilst the other person will be impacted in a negative way, by becoming depressed, and spend months at home with no clear direction in their life.



The 24th September 2016 was a special day for me. No it was not my birthday. It was a day when I returned to the same hotel and the same room that my healing had taken place in on the 24th May 2014. In May, I was a guest at a women’s retreat. Now in September, I was the guest speaker at the women’s retreat. At this event, I launched my new programme called ‘Celebrate Your Uniqueness.’

I am special. Not because of things that have happened in my life, but because of my very existence. The fact I am alive. Let me explain. A newborn girl is born with between one and two million immature eggs. It is estimated that between 40 million to 1.2 billion sperm are released. The right egg, with the right sperm, needed to fuse together at fertilisation to give me the right combination of DNA to make me.  As it says in Psalms 139:14, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”

Ruth is fearfully and wonderfully made.

(Insert your name) is fearfully and wonderfully made.

As we learn to celebrate our uniqueness and not try to be like someone else, it will start to heal our pain.

This is why these last few months have been special. I am on a journey. As I travel, I am impacting the lives of others, because I am sharing my transformation with them. I do not have to say what changes are taking place in my life, others are asking me questions because they can see the changes for themselves. I am now helping them to see that they too can be healed of their pain, if they are willing to take the necessary steps. It has not been easy for me, but the experiences have been worthwhile. Why?


As I shared my presentation, I saw lives change in a miraculous way and deep emotional healing take place, not just with one person but with many. This healing can happen to you also, if you take part in one of these sessions. As I work with my clients, I have seen broken relationships mended and people making changes to have better quality lives.

Celebrate Your Uniqueness!



Are you on your own journey and would like to talk with someone who has walked a similar path? Get in touch and book a complimentary strategy session. Together, we can explore practical steps, you can take, for your own transformational story.

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